Cornelius Cactus


Hi, I am Cornelius Cactus. 🌵 

I look like a prickly character but really I am kind and gentle.

Making me develops running-stitch skills and teaches the visual importance of stitching evenly.


Cornelius is made from 100% Acrylic 1mm thick craft felt made in the UK, with polyester stuffing and thread. 

Age Group

He is a suitable craft activity for sewing beginners from the age of 6+. 


Cornelius comes pre-cut, ready to sew, with stuffing, a sharp needle, thread and detailed instructions. 

You will need a sewing box with pins and embroidery scissors to support your sewing.


The felt can be washed at 30 degrees by hand or in the washing machine.


20 cms high, 11 cms wide


WARNING: This hand sewing project includes a sharp needle and it is advised that all sewing projects should be supervised by a responsible adult.