Pin Wheel


This is a perfect tool for a beginners sewing box. Pins are essential for all sewing and I just love pretty pearlised pins. I know they melt if you get the iron on them but they are practical to use, you can easily find them in your work and almost everyone loves putting them back into pin cushions in some kind of order or pattern so they don’t get lost!


40 x pins in wheel with Plastic Pearlised heads.

Age Group

The tool is suitable for sewing beginners from the age of 6+.


Keep your tools safe (away from others who won’t appreciate them!) and they will last you for many years. Using these tools creatively will give you great joy and personal satisfaction. They will help in teaching essential life skills. These skills can be used to re-use, recycle or up-cycle.


WARNING: It is advised that when this tool is being used it should be supervised by a responsible adult.